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Data Management is our focus

  • Managing data is a task which all individuals and businesses can always improve upon to make their life easier or their businesses more efficient.
  • For individuals it can simply be to organise data at a small office in a set of well-thought digital folders in a computer.
  • For businesses, government departments, or community groups, the target could be to ensure the right data feeds into the right business process to produce the right results.

Industry standards and frameworks apply to all projects - big or small

  • People and Businesses manage data on their daily dealings with each other, and have been for a long time. Data Management is not a new process.
  • Professional frameworks and standards exist which provide guidance to deliver projects of all sizes. DMBOK is such a useful framework for data management activities. Access DMBOK via the DAMA website.
  • DMBOK can be used where it best suits what you are trying to achieve. In large organisations such framework is useful in defining what the data means across often isolated parts of the business, in accessing the data and making it available in a meaningful way across the entire business from a number of databases, spreadsheets, and various types of documents.

Data is the backbone of your business, treat it accordingly

  • People handle data all the time - whether gathering, using, or producing data.
  • Data is collected to support the business - whether in ordering stock, in hiring people, in gathering clients' orders. Data is an essential part of business.
  • Poor data collection reflects in poor business processes - lost orders, lack of stock, diminished analysis of your business strengths or weaknesses.
  • There is no alternative to quality data. However poor quality data seems to prevail - whether due to inefficient input processes or complexities to analyse vast quantities of data or else.
  • There is no such thing as perfect data. Life is a state of flux and so is data. The greater the number of business partners or customers, the greater the interactions, the greater the data mismatch and opportunities for issues.
  • There are however opportunities for improvement in data management. As long as you can justify to yourself the need hence the expense behind all the data you manage or as long as you are willing to define it, you can improve your data thus improve your business.

IT Matters Data Management consulting can help you:

  • identify areas of improvement in the way you deal with data and the people who have a stake in that data - as users and/or providers of the data.
  • revise your business processes with a greater understanding of the importance of data and educate your staff accordingly or build in incentives to help comply to quality processes.
  • document your data sources, their meaning, how data is gathered, maintained, used, and disposed of.
  • re-assess the systems used to gather, modify, and report on the data in light of your business purpose and needs.
  • find ways to improve on data quality internally and/or with external partners
  • implement, revise, or specify solutions for how you need to report on your data or analyse your data to answer critical business questions.

IT Matters has developed strength in:

  • running workshops to help you analyse and articulate ways of improving your management of data in your business processes.
  • data modelling and offers services in quality reviewing your data models to ensure they match your expectations and are aligned with your business.
  • analysing data to report on levels of quality, subject to defined measures and specific targets.
  • mentoring staff and devising custom training to educate your staff in the use of CASE tools, data modelling, and some data management activities.
  • liaising between your business teams and your technology teams to facilitate understanding and implementation of appropriate solutions.

Whilst the services may feel to only apply to medium or large organisations, IT Matters also works with individuals and small businesses. In doubt, contact us.

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