Information about Education services offered by IT Matters (Aus) can be found here.

 In doubt, please ask.

 Note that IT Matters is not an RTO (Registered Training Organisation)
  but the consultant is a qualified and experienced education consultant. (see Consultancy Profile).

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Our focus in education

  • At IT Matters, we believe that education is paramount: providing people with the appropriate knowledge and skills, sharing resources thus fostering independence.
  • We focus on delivering courses in Information Technology (I.T.) whether on site or off site.
  • We also liaise with other training providers to organise and deliver training or organise events in other fields such as Mental Health.

    Examples of such events can be accessed here

Education in Information Technology

  • Courses can be run for small businesses as well as larger organisations.
  • Courses can be run on your site or off site, in an external venue appropriate to your purpose.
  • Courses can be customised to your needs. Contact us to discuss what your needs are, and decide whether we can help you.

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