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At IT Matters, we believe that education is paramount: providing people with the appropriate knowledge and skills, sharing resources thus fostering independence.

Photo to the left courtesy of Lyn Davey whilst visiting a school in Bhutan. It reads: Let me feel that you are interested in me as a human being, not just a number in your book.

Contents: Range of Education Offerings - Delivery Options - Free Educational Resources for all, for Teachers, for Health Professionals

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Range of Education Offerings

  • We have the experience and the qualifications in the Vocational sector and the Business sector, to deliver courses or provide one on one tutoring in Information Technology.
  • We offer pro-bono services for community groups to help them achieve their purpose:
    • Business liaison services were provided to the LRTC to make their projects available online to the wider community.
    • Facilitation services are provided to run a support group for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. read more...
    • Community information sessions are available on well-being, and on prevention and recovery from child abuse.
      Contact us to book a date. Sessions from 20mn to an hour or as required.
        Purpose: As a community to find and use simple and practical ways to try and decrease situations of child abuse and help the survivors recover.

  • We also liaise with other training providers to organise and deliver training or organise events in other fields such as Mental Health.

    Examples of such events can be accessed here

Delivery Options

  • Courses can be run for individuals, community groups, small businesses, or larger organisations.
  • Courses can be run at any venue, mutually agreed to be appropriate for your purpose.
  • Course delivery may include some of our other skills to make it more effective:
    • tennis coaching at a basic level based on French qualifications ("Educateur 2ième degré"), and local experience.
    • live music
    Examples of delivery may include a focus on computer workshops with live music or tennis breaks.
  • Courses can be customised to your needs. Contact us to discuss what your needs are, and decide whether we can help you.

Free Educational Resources

  • For us all, for our communities:

  • For TEACHERS and all people working with children:

    • FREE Online course professionally developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation and Monash University, click here to gain access to the SMART course
      • The SMART (Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma) Program is a suite of online learning tools and modules that focus on supporting children and young people in a range of educational and other settings.

  • For HEALTH Professionals:

ABN: 49 961 107 252 Education does matter