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When performing our aim is to bring together pleasure and accessibility ie music for all.

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Musical Busking Workshops - GENERAL INFORMATION

The Musical Busking Workshops are a way of enabling young people (under 18yo) to develop confidence to play music in public and to later play on their own as a busker (if they so wish).

Purpose: Aim at busking on your own beyond the workshop: develop confidence to play your music in public, learn your responsibilities as a busker, learn what to pack, learn what is important to you, and how to manage your area, and the audience... whilst enjoying your music.

Details applicable to all busking workshops:

Your responsibility as a player:

  • Bring your musical instrument and music, appropriate clothing, water and food, and a will to learn and share
  • Give yourself enough time to setup and start on time
  • Use the supplied equipment respectfully eg microphone, amplifier, music stand
  • If a keyboard is required, call 0458 698 460 (no SMS please for clarity sake)
  • Respect the other workshop participants
Our responsibility:
  • Organise the legal use of the public space
  • Provide the resources to advertise the workshops and support the player such as microphone, amplifier, music stand
  • Ensure the player whilst playing is safe
  • Facilitate the learning of each player seeking feedback
NOT our responsibility:
  • the well-being of players registered for the workshop but awaiting playing is not our responsibility.
    It is expected that the well-being of players awaiting playing falls under the responsibility of their parent or accompanying adult.

Musical Busking Workshops - UPCOMING EVENTS

Please familiarise yourself with the above GENERAL INFORMATION applicable to ALL workshops.


    • Running on the 1st Friday of each month from 3pm to 6pm
    • Held at Squire Park, Kendal St, Cowra NSW 2794
    • Weather permitting.
    • No registration necessary. Just turn up. Players will perform in order of arrival.

What's NEW:

  • Cancelled April 3 2020 workshop due to social gathering coronavirus restriction

Musical Workshops: Upcoming Events

All details on main page below General Information.

  • Friday Workshops: 2nd series now concluded. Watch this space for future workshops.

Busking Resources


A public liability of 20M is usually asked for a busker. Duck for Cover entertainers group inc. offers 30M for a 2019 premium of $80 and Allianz as the underwriter.


Busking Calendar:

If you know of any other regular busking event, please let us know. Thank you.

Booking Your Musical Event

Previous performances include nursing homes, festivals, shows, markets, fairs, open microphone events, and private events (eg New Year's Eve).

If the sound of a Tenor Saxophone playing contemporary as well as jazz music interests you for your event, email or call: 0458 698 460.

Depending on the circumstances and purpose of your event, the performance may be free or at cost or at a negotiated fee.

ABN: 49 961 107 252 Bringing music to your ears