Exercise regularly, in moderation. Move all the time, No Moderation.

Find on this page what works for us. Adapt it to your own needs. Consult with your health practitioners if need be. Most importantly, enjoy it!

Contents: Why Exercise? - Exercise Regularly - Exercise In Moderation - What if you can't exercise? - In our experience...

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WHY Exercise ?

Our body is meant to get moving to remain healthy. If you are able to move, and want to keep healthy, move it.


Four days per week - 25mns walk [...] Flat ground or gentle hills [...] Walk so that you are gently puffing.
Go to the sports store and buy some proper walking shoes - comfortable, good support. if you buy good shoes, they'll last you a long time.
p143 The great Australian diet , Dr John Tickell

Perseverance is the key. Make it part of your daily routine and it will soon become a regular, healthy, enjoyable habit.

Exercise in MODERATION

No need to overdo it. You are likely to either damage your body or not last in the long run.

What if you cannot exercise?

You mean ... you are not able to move any part of your body. If so, maybe you can get involved with others and get some fun from helping them to move, being there for them.

You mean ... some parts of your body can move but you feel it is too big a task - maybe not motivated, sluggish, or too big to move. Take it one step at a time, as long as you make progress.

In our experience...

  • I use a wall calendar to write down each time I do not go for a daily walk. A quick look at the calendar tells me how I am going.

  • I prefer walking at the beginning of the day; it clears my mind, and starts the day with a healthy achievement. As it is not always practical, I go when I can.

  • I used to aim at four 30mns walk per week but changed to longer walks twice or three times a week, where the body is a little more challenged and I go further and enjoy it more.

  • If there is another activity you would rather take up, add it to your schedule, make it part of your routine, and enjoy it.
      e.g. We go om Sunday morning long bike ride to get the heart rate going a little more and enjoy the scenery.

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