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Improve the Management of Your Data

Improved Data Management

Improved Data Management benefits ALL aspects of Your Life

Improved Data Management benefits ALL aspects of Your Life

Why Bother?

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Unnecessary Data Collection

Have you ever wondered why you collect some of your customer details? For each data item can you identify the process in your organisation where it is actually used? Does the collection of such data justify the cost of looking after it?

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Mismanaged Data Quality

Do you know what it costs your organisation to handle incorrect data? Have you developed ways to look after the quality of this data which is the backbone of your business/group/or personal well-being?

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Untrained Personnel

Data comes in your world - somehow -, and it gets used - somehow -. All processes are in place but the human kind is very skilled at taking shortcuts especially if the importance of that data is not well understood. Take steps to ensure anyone involved with your data treats it as the great asset it is.

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How Do You Improve The Management of Your Data?

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You are encouraged to run your own data management improvement project within your budget and timeline by:
Insight on Common Data Issues

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Free Data Management Resources

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Fee-based Educational Services

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Educational Services

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Data Management Educational Services provided to organisations or groups of any size and any business sector including but not limited to:

Air services, Biosecurity, Customs, Finances, Fisheries, Grant Management, Health, Immigration, Legal Costing, Meat Business from farming to retailing, Patent, Postal services, Primary Industries, Rail, Taxation.

I.T.Matters(Aus) Consultant - Pascale Stendell

Data Management and Educational Consulting since 1998

Qualified, and Certified industry professional

From Small Business support to Oracle Corporation and Government agencies

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Past Clients

Small Businesses
  • Kelly's Bushranger Farms, Meat Retailer (Central West, NSW)
  • Kenthurst Post Office, Australia Post franchise (Sydney, NSW)
  • IT Division, BHP (Newcastle, NSW)
  • IBM, USA
  • Oracle Corporation, Australia (Sydney, NSW)
Government Agencies
  • Australian Customs, Commonwealth Dept of, (ACT)
  • Australian Tax Office, Commonwealth Dept of, (ACT)
  • Family and Community Services, Commonwealth Dept of, (ACT)
  • Immigration, Commonwealth Dept of, (ACT)
  • Primary Industries, NSW Dept of, (Orange, NSW)
  • State Rail Authority, NSW Government (Sydney, NSW)
  • TAFE, NSW Department of Education (Sydney, NSW)
  • ...
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"The course was very good but I was particular impressed with the skills of Pascale. She was a far better trainer/teacher than I have experienced with just about any other internal BHP course and better than most lecturers on external courses I have taken part in for that matter. She trained as a teacher, not just as someone with experience in her field of expertise (even though she had that as well); I think that is the difference."
A.E. Milton Marketing Engineering Development Manager, BHP, Newcastle. 14.04.1996
"Your commitment to excellence in training and course delivery, together with your strong focus on client service have certainly contributed to the success of commercial operations at Hornsby College of TAFE."
L. Cameron, Business Centre Manager, Hornsby TAFE NSW, 16.12.1996

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"Pascale always had an answer and she could express in an easily understood way. She "listened". "
J.A., client attending a Data Modelling and Design class at Oracle Corporation, Sydney on 28.05.1997


"Always thoroughly organised and well prepared for all classes she taught. Customers consistently rated her technical knowledge and presentation skills as outstanding. Her quality focus combined with her creative teaching style was appreciated by all customers attending."
F. Cselko, Director of Education, Australasia, Oracle Corporation, Sydney. 08.04.1998