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Improve Your Management of Data for your Business, Your Community Group, Your own Well-Being
You are encouraged to run your own data management improvement project within your budget and timeline by:
Once you have become aware of the data issues you may have, and have explored the Free resources on this website so you can run your own project, if you still choose to request guidance, please make contact to provide enough detail on your project and concerns so we can assess if and when to conduct an initial consultation.

Consultations are run either live via Video link or Telephone or Delayed Support via Email or potentially at an agreed physical location, depending on your circumstances and in line with the current guidelines around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: for physical meetings which incur travel costs, such cost may be added to the cost of the initial consultation. This is negotiated on a case by case basis.
Step 1: Need Guidance?

>> make Contact
Step 2: Initial Consultation

Upon you making contact, we will agree on whether an initial consultation is necessary. If so, we will agree to the date and time for an hour long consultation which may or may not attract the $100 initial consultation fee depending on your circumstances. This may or may not eventuate in an understanding of your needs and a draft agreement and quote. However the agreed fee for this initial consultation will still apply. See Terms Of Service below.
Step 3: Quote, Service, and Payment

After the Initial Consultation, if further service is sought: In the event that amendments are required during the delivery of the service, the agreement and the quote will be amended and agreed upon.
Terms Of Service

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By purchasing any service from I.T.Matters(Aus), you (The Customer) are entering into an agreement with I.T.Matters(Aus) that is bound by the Terms of Service outlined below, and compliant with the NSW and Commonwealth business legal obligations.
Consultancy Profile

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I.T.Matters(Aus) Consultant - Pascale Stendell

Pascale Stendell

Copyright 2022

Qualified and Certified
Data Management professional

Full professional profile available on LinkedIn.
Data Management and Educational Consulting since 1998

Over the years I.T.Matters(Aus) offered services and solutions to organisations of any size and any business, government, and community sector

including but not limited to:

Air services, Biosecurity, Customs, Finances, Fisheries, Grant Management, Health, Immigration, Legal Costing, Meat Business from farming to retailing, Patent, Postal services, Primary Industries, Rail, Taxation.

Pascale uses the DAMA DMBOK as a framework to guide project activities to solve data management problems.
Past Clients

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Note that the name of the organisations may have changed as government agencies port-folios and businesses change over time.

Small Businesses
Government Agencies
Past Projects

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Note that the details of the organisations may have changed - including name and logo - as government agencies port-folios and businesses change over time.

  • Corporate Standards, Data Modelling ... Back to client list
    NSW DPI Logo
    NSW DPI: Within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) group, pair development of the Information Management Framework and Data Strategy inclusive of the Enterprise Data Modelling Framework - developing the Enterprise Contextual, Conceptual and Logical models - based on published patterns incorporating standards, and project models. Facilitate the integration of the EDMF in NSW DPI Software Life Cycle and Business Teams. Promote collaboration and architecture.
    Environment: Sybase PowerDesigner, SQL Server, Oracle
    AFMA logo
    AFMA: Reporting to the CIO, pair development of the Information Management Framework and Data Strategy based on DAMA DMBOK. Peer-review of data governance, and database administration strategies; develop data definitions, and data modelling strategies including standards for data modelling using PowerDesigner.
    Environment: Sybase PowerDesigner 11 and 12, Twiki
    IBM USA logo
    IBM, USA: Beta testing of Rational Data Architect, and further useability testing.
    Environment: Rational Data Architect
    AusIndustry logo
    AusIndustry: Develop a Corporate Data Model in the context of a new system for the electronic processing of application and delivery of grants.
    The project included the development of data modelling standard, training staff to use Oracle Designer (CASE tool) to document data holdings, providing technical advice.
    Environment: Oracle 8i, 9i on Unix and NT, ERWin, Oracle Designer 6i, Oracle Reports R6i, Rational Requisite Pro
    Air Services Australia logo
    Air Services Australia: Develop prototype data models and designs to support the drawing of maps and routes whilst considering the conflicting peculiarities of a variety of international and national data and standards.
    Environment:Oracle Designer
    Australian Customs logo
    Australian Customs: Provide support to the data management team in regards to the data models for the Cargo Management Re-engineering project
    Develop the standards for Data Modelling for the future releases of the project. Facilitate the adoption of generic concepts and entities to make the model more complete and generic in order to fit into the Corporate architectural framework.
    Environment: Cool:Biz, Cool:Gen
    IP Australia logo
    IP Australia: Develop the corporate standards for Data Modelling, Database Design and PL/SQL programming.
    Participate in the validation of the Data Model for the Corporate Customer database. Creating the Data Model for the New Patent System.
    Participate in the analysis of the National Archives requirements for documents in the context of the data model.
    Facilitate the analysis of the requirements for the financial interface from the adopted EDMS to SAP.
    Environment: Oracle 8, Unix and NT 4, Oracle Designer 6i, Rational Rose, Objective EDMS, XML, SAP.

  • Executive Reports, Data Warehouse, Data Migration ... Back to client list
    NSW DPI logo
    NSW DPI: Various executive reports to support compliance of NLIS, and to support management decisions across the BioSecurity division. Includes provision of data for the purpose of mapping.
    Environment: SQL Server 2008 and 2012, Business Objects 4, Crystal Reports, ArcGIS
    AFMA logo
    AFMA: Within the Observer section, Business Process and Data Modelling to integrate Observer data in the datawarehouse. Develop wiki content to increase user awareness towards better information management. ETL of ISMP data to datawarehouse. Provide input in evaluation of ETL toolset.
    Environment: Sybase PowerDesigner 11 and 12, Oracle 10g and 11g, TOAD, Visio, SourceSafe, Twiki, MS-Access
    Immigration logo
    Immigration: Build a new Integrated Data Store to support datamarts for the Compliance project - including alignment to the Corporate Data Model artefacts and intent, and to the Corporate Business Process Model.
    Environment: Modelmart and ERWin 7.3.5, DB2 v9.1
    ATO logo
    ATO: Map Siebel Conceptual model to Enterprise Data Model in the context of data warehouse design - involving liaising with Siebel development teams to get consensus on business rules. Include such rules in the ERWin Siebel logical data models so as to be quality input to the Enterprise Data Model. Working closely with the ATO Enterprise Data Modelling team.
    Environment: MS-SQL Server, Siebel 7.7, Teradata, ERWin; Large team of over 300 consultants
    FACS logo
    Family and Community Services: Conduct data migration workshops and develop SQL reports and programs for Release 3 of the F(aCS) O(nline) F(unds) M(anagement) S(ystem).
    Environment: MS SQL Server - Enterprise Manager, Query Analyser, MS Access, Siebel 7.7
    Industry, Tourism, and Resources logo
    eBusiness, ITR: Develop a Data Warehouse to support the web publishing of data for Executive reports - including the facilitation and implementation of enterprise-wide customer definitions to support enterprise reporting.
    Environment: Oracle 9i database; Oracle Designer; Microsoft .Net framework

  • Education and Training ... Back to client list
    BHP logo
    BHP, IT: Provision of educational services: course delivery and course design; a database design course was designed in cooperation with BHP IT in Newcastle.
    Oracle Corporation logo
    Oracle: Provision of ad-hoc delivery of Oracle scheduled courses in the CASE, Web, and Java streams (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney).
    State Rail NSW logo
    State Rail Authority: Provision of services for Upgrade, Installation, and Training for Oracle Designer 6i.
    Review current Oracle Designer environment, Provide recommendations as to preferred framework; Install software; Negotiate Course Outlines; Create Training Material and Deliver courses.
    Environment: Sun Solaris - Oracle Designer 6.0, 6i Release 4 - Oracle 8i
    TAFE NSW logo
    TAFE Training Division: Acted as course reviewer for the NSW TAFE Information Technology Training Division. State wide courses such as C++ for C programmers, Unix.
    TAFE Plus: Developed and Delivered C++ courses for TAFE Plus.

  • Grant Management System ... Back to client list
    Health Commonwealth agency logo
    ONHMRC: Data Modelling, Database Design, Web Development to support an eCommerce application based on Java and Oracle technologies for the lodging of medical grants and the management of allocated funds.
    Environment: Oracle 7, and 8, Unix and NT 4, Oracle Application Server v3, Toad, Oracle Designer, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Source Safe

  • Small Business Projects ... Back to client list
    Kelly s Bushranger Farms logo
    Meat Retailer: Development of a web-based solution to support ordering of fresh meat online.
    Environment: Excel; HTML
    Australia Post logo
    Australia Post Franchise: Development of a database solution to support post office box allocation and management. Ordering and Management of stock.
    Environment: MS-Access; Windows 95

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"It took Pascale a very short time to produce a flexible, generic, logical model for the Integrated Data Store that was closely aligned to the corporate data model, which was an impressive achievement. She is a dedicated professional who was an asset to the section, and she has my unqualified and unreserved recommendation."
D. Zivkovic, Assistant Director, Information Delivery, Commonwealth Dept of Immigration, 09.09.2009

"Pascale was very detailed and vigilent in fulfilling her job duty. She was willing to share her knowledge and skills, and guide team members into performing our jobs right." (as the Team Leader of the Financial interface team on the IP Australia 2001 NPS project)
A. Wong, Business Systems Owner & Team Leader at Airservices Australia. 18.05.2009 (LinkedIn post)

"In her role as architect, analyst, and designer, Pascale demonstrated a tenacity and great interest in doing the right thing and in building correct and solid foundations for the system. She displayed a high level of commitment and great attention to detail. In all her development activities, Pascale conducted herself with a high degree of professionalism. She established and maintained good working relationships with clients, and was very diligent in maintaining clear and open communication lines with team members."
G. Anido, Application Systems Team Leader, Commonwealth Dept of Health and Ageing, 27.05.2002

"Always thoroughly organised and well prepared for all classes she taught. Customers consistently rated her technical knowledge and presentation skills as outstanding. Her quality focus combined with her creative teaching style was appreciated by all customers attending."
F. Cselko, Director of Education, Australasia, Oracle Corporation, Sydney. 08.04.1998

"Pascale always had an answer and she could express in an easily understood way. She "listened". "
J.A., client attending a Data Modelling and Design class at Oracle Corporation, Sydney on 28.05.1997

"Your commitment to excellence in training and course delivery, together with your strong focus on client service have certainly contributed to the success of commercial operations at Hornsby College of TAFE."
L. Cameron, Business Centre Manager, Hornsby TAFE NSW, 16.12.1996

"The course was very good but I was particular impressed with the skills of Pascale. She was a far better trainer/teacher than I have experienced with just about any other internal BHP course and better than most lecturers on external courses I have taken part in for that matter. She trained as a teacher, not just as someone with experience in her field of expertise (even though she had that as well); I think that is the difference."
A.E. Milton Marketing Engineering Development Manager, BHP, Newcastle. 14.04.1996