When performing our aim is to bring together pleasure and accessibility ie music for all.
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Free Musical Busking Workshops

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The aim of the Free Musical Busking Workshops is to provide the young people (under 18yo) with performance practice so they gain the confidence to play, sing, beatbox, with this group or on their own in live performing opportunities around town or in the region.

Through attending the workshops the young person not only develops confidence to perform music in public, but also learns their responsibilities as a busker, learns what to pack, learns what is important to them, what they like and dislike, and how to manage the area, and the audience... whilst enjoying sharing their music.

Interested? Read on...

There are two types of events: a monthly practice and all other events listed under the Busking Calendar.

Details applicable to all busking workshops:

Your responsibility as a player:
Our responsibility:
NOT our responsibility:
Musical Events

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Musical Resources

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Beyond the resources listed below, YOU are also our best resource to help spread the word and encourage other young players: Download the Monthly Practice Poster and Cirulate or Print and Display. Thank you.

And what about joining our Mailing list to be kept informed of upcoming events.

Also... these are free events so we can offer each child the opportunity to share their music. However there are always costs associated with organising such events such as the website, and the equipment. If you wish to donate to support such events, use the Donate area below. Alternatively if you have instruments, equipment, or anything which you believe can help with the events and you no longer use and wish to give away, let us know. Thank you.

>> download Monthly Practice Poster

>> join the Busking Mailing list

>> donate to support the events
Performer's Insurance

A public liability of 20M is usually asked for a busker.

Duck for Cover entertainers group inc. offers 30M for a 2023-24 premium of $79 and Allianz as the underwriter. >> access Insurer's details
Musical Articles, Books, Videos...
2023 Busking Calendar and Live Music opportunities for Young People >> let us Know of any other Regular Busking Event you may know. Thank you
Musical Event Photos

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The following photos are meant to give you a feel for the simplicity of the events. Also note that each photo has had parental approval for inclusion on this website.

16 September 2023 - Cowra Community Markets 03 February 2023 - River Park - Monthly Practice 02 December 2022 - Cowra Christmas St Festival 02 December 2022 - Cowra Christmas St Festival 29 October 2022 - Morongla Flower Show 2 September 2022 - River Park - Monthly Practice 19 February 2022 - Cowra Community Markets 4 February 2022 - River Park - Monthly Practice 18 December 2021 - Cowra Community Markets 19 December 2020 - Cowra Community Markets 28 October 2020 - Squire Park