basic Cooking: aim to prepare food in simple ways for your body to perform at its best.
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Some say: "I hate cooking." Why is it so? Is it due to the influence of the many cooking shows which seem to make food preparation so involved?

Back to basics... We know we need to eat. And we want to be able to perform all the activities we like each day without having the body get in the way - for example, without any digestive issue, or setback back due to hunger or dehydration.

I realise some of us have developed conditions over the years which are temporary or permanent and which can be difficult to manage such as Diabetes, IBS, Crone disease, Gilbert Syndrome (affecting the liver), ... These conditions will affect our choices but we still need to eat and we still want to be able to perform all the activities we like each day without having the body get in the way. So it comes down to choices.

Story: A friend of mine who is an insulin-dependent diabetic went to Asia and ate the same food on each day of her trekking trip. At the end she reported that she had not felt so well in a long time. She was able to do the trekking and her blood sugars were fine. But she found the food boring after a while.... so back home, she returned to fancier foods and sicker body.

For most of us, it comes down to choices: feeling great and eating a fairly plain diet which works well or dealing with bodily issues on a fancier diet. I now know that I choose the plain food. In this section, we explore the basics to get ready to feed our body.
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In our experience...

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We do cook a little more than the above basic list. We do have an oven and do bake quiches, cakes, and roast meats. But you don't have to. And we often use 3 steamers to steam 3 different vegetables for our main meal.

In this section we share some of the combinations we often use and some Gluten Free recipes because if you have to eat Gluten Free, the products which are available in supermarkets tend to be expensive and full of ingredients you may not want to ingest.