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What's the good of life if we don't share what we enjoy and help others enjoy a better life too.

We believe in a simple life, connected to nature, as self-sufficient as we are willing to, and a respect for nature and others.

This is a collection of what we would like to share with you. You may find ideas to make your life more enjoyable.

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Caring for self

In the area of caring for self, we identify some important aspects of life:

Caring for our health

The area of health needs a special focus so that all aspects of yourself and your life are considered by your medical service providers.

  • Food intake and Exercise play a great part in keeping healthy so do the other above areas of safety, trust, love, and purpose.
  • If ill, consider mental health and physical health together.
  • When dealing with medical professionals, advocate for yourself as you would when negotiating the best plumbing repair with your plumber.
    Advocate for your health. Inform your medical team, work as a team, respecting their skills, and respecting yourself and your needs.

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