There is some confusion about food and contradictory information that it is worth going back to basics too.
Let's share what we learnt first hand.

Contents: What you eat - What you drink - What you produce or gather

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What you eat

Some of what we consider are some fundamentals to know include:

What you drink

  • Water is a necessity. What sort of water?
    Ideally water which you would harvest - safe in Australia, maybe not so in France eg acid rains and required treatment.
    Ensure your harvested water is tested from time to time and your water tanks are kept clean. Installing gutter screens and first flush devices on gutters is not a necessity but it helps keeping the tank cleaner, longer.

  • How much water is required daily?
    Some claim 1.5l to 2l per day per adult - unless some health conditions such as dialysis which require limited water intake.
    Our back-to-basics experience indicates that we are all different and your body will tell you via your urine.
    So from time to time after urinating, check the colour of your urine:
    Too pale implies too much water is being drunk.
    Too yellow implies too little water is being drunk. So re-adjust your water intake accordingly.
    Also remember that if you drink too much - as indicated by your urine -, you will over dilute your salt etc in your blood stream and you are more likely to become dehydrated.

What you produce or gather

Check our market stall and gardening section.


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