Food: There is some confusion about food and enough contradictory information to warrant getting back to basics. Let's share what we learnt first hand.
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What you eat

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Some of what we consider are fundamentals to know include: >> read more on Sodium >> read more on Iodine >> read more on Sugar >> read more on Protein >> read more on Fat

What you drink

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What you produce or gather

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As they say, you either use food as medicine or you use medicine as food.

When you use food as medicine, you care about what you eat and drink. You eat and drink to satisfy your hunger or thirst and allow your body to physically perform at its best - for normal daily activities as well as more demanding physical activities (next time you go shearing!).

When you don't eat nor drink with the sole intention of satisfying basic physical needs, you may not drink nor eat appropriately. This may lead to a lack of protein, or of some vitamins or essential elements. This is when you start buying vitamins and other medicine to feed your body with the hope of restoring a balance.

In our experience it is rewarding to care and to even try and produce a little so you know what you eat. And despite how complex the gardening shows and food shows make it, we can all have a successful go at gardening, growing some food items at least, and we can all cook and keep it simple.

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