Purpose: It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be. - J.K. Rowling
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A purpose is some goal or goals which we find personally meaningful to live for. When we enjoy a life free of war in a reasonably safe country where opportunities still exist or can be created, life is a lot more interesting when we find what we believe in, what is meaningful to us, and when we live in line with our beliefs or work towards such life.

For example: you might believe in living a simple life on the land whilst caring for such land as much as possible and re-building a native birdlife. But you have no money and no land. So you might go to a shearing school, and shear for many years whilst saving your money. Eventually you will buy a block of land to get yourself started, and after much work, you will have the land you need to make a simple living. You will be able to plant the missing trees and after 5 years already enjoy some tree corridors and see the native birdlife move back into your area. This is not a dream. It is possible but does require much commitment and work.

So if you believe in leaving the planet in a better state, consider minimising your travels, planting native trees each year providing natural habitats for native wildlife and watch your haven develop around you. If you believe in building strong and meaningful relationships with others, your purpose might be building and enjoying a community around family and friends. It's up to each one of us to find what we believe in and build our life around it.

Ideally such purpose will also fulfill all of our financial needs. When it comes to earning a living whilst trying to also make it meaningful to you, follow your heart, explore how you can fulfill your purpose and make an honest living, not what others want you to do.

Mechanics do not make enough money, some say.

What if you love mechanics, have tried it and still love it ? Why not follow your heart, apply yourself and become really good at it. Take pride in it.

And if you really need that money...., by being an outstanding mechanic, or having your own business, your odds of making that money are high.

... Only if you need it though. How much money do you really need ?
What if you make a mistake?

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Never be afraid to follow your heart.

You know what you believe in. You now have to take action: find out the options for acquiring the skills to support your purpose.

Apply your skills in line with your beliefs, and you will succeed -- within yourself -- You will grow stronger within. There is no other measure of success: the opinion of others do not matter; neither do you need their approval.

If you want to change path later on, you will be able to. You will find and create other opportunities.
Take action: Find out your options. Plan for a meaningful future.

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If your beliefs and purpose require you to learn particular skills, consider:

In our experience...

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